Vol 17:1 - Winter 2014


Michael C. Jordan

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David Paul Deavel



Travis Curtright, Thomas More on Humor

Jacob D. Rhein, How Dawson Read The City of God

Randall S. Rosenberg, The Human Quest and Divine Disclosure according to Walker Percy: An Examination in Light of Lonergan

Christopher J. Knight, “Between the Hither and the Farther Shore”: Penelope Fitzgerald’s Offshore

C. Michael Shea, Fallen Nature and Infinite Desire: A Study of Love, Artifice, and Transcendence in Joris-Karl Huysmans’s Á rebours and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray


J. M. Hubbard, De Koninck on the Philosophy of Nature

Charles De Koninck, The Unity and Diversity of Natural Science

Charles De Koninck, The Universe: Desire for Thought,Translated by J. M. Hubbard

Contributor Notes