Vol 16:3 - Summer 2013


Michael C. Jordan

Managing Editor

Elizabeth M. Kelly

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
David Paul Deavel

Circulation Manager

Mary Kay O'Rourke



Frank L. Jones, "The High Priest of Deterrence": Sir Michael Quinlan, Nuclear Weapons, and the Just War Tradition

Molly Morrison, St. Catherine of Siena and the Spectacle of Public Execution

Roger Duncan, Catholic Substance in The Golden Bowl

Daniel P. Toma, A Dionysian/Thomistic Framework for the Integration of Science and Catholic Tradition

Peter M. Collins, Philosophy in Blessed John Paul II’s Catholic University: An Antidote to Relativistic Secularism

John Gavin, SJ, Becoming an Exemplar for God: Three Early Interpretations of Forgiveness in the Lord’s Prayer


Michael Hollerich, "Existence in Christ": Erik Peterson and the Postwar Crisis of Humanism

Erik Peterson, What Is Man?

Contributor Notes