Vol 6:4 - Fall 2003


Michael C. Jordan
Sandra Menssen

Managing Editor

Maya Hamilton

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
Thomas D. Sullivan
Gordon P. Barnes

Circulation Manager

Mary Kay O'Rourke



Thomas G. Weinandy, St. Irenaeus and the Imago Dei: The Importance of Being Human

Jean Bethke Elshtain, Women and the Dilemma of Equality

Alexander R. Pruss, Not Out of Lust but in Accordance with Truth: Theological and Philosophical Reflections on Sexuality and Reality

Paolo G. Carozza, "They are our brothers, and Christ gave His life for them": The Catholic Tradition and the Idea of Human Rights in Latin America

Terrence C. Wright, Phenomenology and the Moral Imagination

Sally Cunneen, Big Enough for God: The Fiction of Sara Maitland

Alfredo Romagosa, The Carolingian Renaissance and Christian Humanism

Leroy Spiller, George Orwell's Anti-Catholicism


Ian Ker, Introduction to John Henry Cardinal Newman's Biglietto Speech

John Henry Cardinal Newman, Biglietto Speech

Contributor Notes