Vol 5:2 - Spring 2002


Michael C. Jordan
Sandra Menssen

Managing Editor

Pamela McClanahan

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
Thomas D. Sullivan
Gordon P. Barnes

Circulation Manager

Mary Kay O'Rourke



Johan Verstraeten, Beyond Business Ethics: Leadership, Spirituality, and the Quest for Meanin

Emilie Griffin, God of My Daily Routine: Toward a Spirituality of the World

David Vincent Meconi, S.J., Silence Proceeding 

Mark S. Latkovic, S.T.D., Capital Punishment, Church Teaching, and Morality: What is Pope John Paul II Saying to Catholics in Evangelium Vitae? 

James Keating, Religious Piety and Public Catholicism 

Guy Mansini, O.S.B., Error, Guilt, and the Knowledge of God: Questions About Robert Sokolowski's "Christian Distinction" 

H. Wendell Howard, The Consolation of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis 

John F. Desmond, Flannery O'Connor and the Symbol

From a Logical Point of View

Sandra Menssen, Introduction

Thomas Nagel, Excerpt from The Last Word

Sandra Menssen and Thomas D. Sullivan, Response 

Michael Torre, Response 

Russell Pannier, Response 

John Haldane, Response  

Contributor Notes