Vol 2:3 - Summer 1999


Michael C. Jordan
Sandra Menssen

Managing Editor

Pamela McClanahan

Associate Editors

John F. Boyle
Thomas D. Sullivan

Circulation Manager

Mary Kay O'Rourke



J. L. A. Garcia, Death of the (Hand)maiden: Contemporary Philosophy in Faith and Reason 

Richard Rorty and John Searle, Rorty v. Searle, At Last: A Debate 

G. E. M. Anscombe, Practical Truth 

Thomas D. Sullivan, Assisted Suicide and Assisted Torture 

William T. Cavanaugh, Absolute Moral Norms and Human Suffering: An Apocalyptic Reading of Endo's Silence 

Maria Poggi Johnson, New Foes and Old Faces: Fiction, Interpretation, and Integrity in Newman and Kingsley 

Kathleen Burk Henderson, Pity, Fear, and Catharsis: Purging Millennial Fever 

Michael Allen Mikolajczak, "Something Understood": A Familiar Essay on Poetry, Prayer, and Helen C. White 

Helen C. White, Prayer and Poetry