Vol 1:4 - Fall 1998


Michael Allen Mikolajczak

Managing Editor

Pamela McClanahan

Associate Editors

Sandra L. Menssen
Michael C. Jordan



John Desmond, Closing the Gap: Walker Percy and the Realism-Nominalism Debate 

Kathleen Scullin: Reading the Life of Walker Percy 

Adam Schwartz, “I Thought the Church and I Wanted the Same Thing”: Opposition to Twentieth-Century Liturgical Change in the Thought of Graham Greene, Christopher Dawson, and David Jones 

Jan Michael Joncas, Ex Oriente Vox:  Spirituality and Culture in the Music of Arvo Pärt 

H. Wendell Howard, Suor Angelica: Puccini’s Catholic Opera 

Kathleen Burk Henderson, Hera Consciousness: Narrating Strategies in Caroline Gordon’s Later Fiction 

Margaret D. Bauer, Ishmael’s Reading of The Great White Whale: A Prophecy of the Second Coming 

John F. Crosby, Conscience and Superego: A Phenomenological Analysis of Their Difference and Relation 

Mary R. Reichardt, Catholicism and Literature