Wellness Living Learning Community

We invite you to join the Wellness living learning community, an LLC for students with a shared enthusiasm for health and wellbeing. Together with faculty and staff, LLC students will explore pathways to a healthy lifestyle that help them thrive as a first-year Tommie and create lasting friendships. Students will explore physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental dimensions of wellness that cultivate personal health and wellbeing.

In addition to the academic class, invited guest lectures, and a community-focused project, LLC students will participate in experiential programming and exciting activities such as: Nutrition in the Kitchen series, Wellness 5K run/walk, mindfulness meditation, kayaking and rock climbing, and shared meals. For students interested in pursuing studies in health and wellness, the Wellness LLC course (HLTH 297) may be taken as an elective and fulfills the course requirement for specific majors.  This course counts as the HLTH 250 course for credit purposes.

Students in this LLC will live on a floor together in Dowling Hall or Ireland Hall with a resident advisor who will assist in creating connections to other students who are also interested in the topic of wellbeing.