Social Innovation Living Learning Community

The Social Innovation living learning community is for students who want to work on solving social problems while jump-starting their college experience. Students with a broad range of interests will live together, take a common course, and engage in social entrepreneurship projects and activities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul community.

While living together in Murray Hall, Social Innovation LLC students will take ENTR 260, a course designed to enhance problem-solving skills in students with interests in everything from business and engineering to social work and the humanities. This course will provide an important introduction to the kinds of skills and tools all changemakers need to create real impact. 

Students in the LLC will also have exciting opportunities to work with partners to address important challenges on campus and in the community. Students will visit and learn from community changemakers, develop attributes needed to solve social problems, and then work together to pitch ideas in a scholarship competition. These experiences will help students grow as leaders, and begin to build their resume and network around problem solving and social impact.  Students will emerge from this LLC with actionable and marketable skillsets around understanding human needs and designing sustainable solutions.