Healthcare Professions Living Learning Community

If you are interested in a career in health care, we invite you to join the Healthcare Professions living learning community! Participating students will enroll together in the same Biology lecture and lab sections – BIOL 207 in the fall and BIOL 208 in the spring – and will have regular study sessions to help each student learn how to effectively study, particularly for their science courses.

Members of this LLC will live together in Grace Hall or Cretin Hall and learn about different options for healthcare careers and will discuss strategies for how to strengthen their professional school applications through patient contact experience, human service volunteering, and test preparation. Students will also prepare resumes and related application materials for internships, research positions, or other sorts of jobs that will help them gain experience in the healthcare field. Residents of this LLC will also have gatherings with faculty, healthcare professionals, UST alumni working in the field, and with each other throughout the year.

Healthcare Professions LLC students will live in a community together where they will be able to develop lasting relationships with students who are considering a career in the healthcare field. Participants will be allowed to move in early, so they can take part in community-building activities before the start of the school year.

* Please note that students who participate in this LLC will need placement that allows them to take Biology 207 in the fall semester.