Global Health Living Learning Community

The Global Health living learning community explores human health, both globally and locally. First-year students participating in the Global Health LLC will have an opportunity to live together in Grace Hall or Cretin Hall and take the BIOL 105 (Human Biology) laboratory together. As a group you will explore hot topics in global health, such as opioid addiction, malaria, and the leading global causes of death such as diabetes.

Students will explore human health from multiple perspectives – biological, evolutionary, and social – and will engage in a series of hands-on laboratory activities that explore global health issues (e.g., drinking water quality assessment, the effects of unregulated chemicals on cancer growth). Students will also learn how to navigate publically available databases to analyze connections between health and social justice.

As a part of this LLC, students will network with professionals in the field, visit laboratories at the Minnesota Department of Health and local water treatment facilities, and volunteer with organizations that are working to increase access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods in the Twin Cities area.