COJO MOJO LLC members Fall 2017

COJO MOJO Living Learning Community (LLC)

* Due to a change in scheduling, the COJO MOJO LLC is not currently being offered for 2019-2020 * 

The COJO MOJO living learning community is open to anyone who is interested in potentially majoring in communication and journalism. Participants in the LLC will take COJO 111 in the fall semester. Taking this course and being part of this unique LLC will give you a fun chance to live and grow the most effective and dynamic communication skills – those you can apply to your personal and professional success! Students will explore multiple contexts of communication, including in families, organizations, and personal relationships. Communication is essential to the health and success of everything we do.

LLC members will live in Murray Hall, which is steps away from the COJO classrooms. In addition to learning in the classroom, you will also have the opportunity to participate in outside class activities such as off campus dinners, field trips to local TV and/or radio stations, discussions with journalists and news anchors, and more.