Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas offers a number of living and learning options to incoming first-year (FY) students. Living learning communities (LLCS) are specialized living environments that help connect students in and out of the classroom. Each LLC is unique, but all are centered on an academic area of interest or theme.

By choosing to live in an LLC, Residence Life will assign a FY student to the hall and floor community where the LLC is located. Live-in Residence Life staff and the faculty who teach the LLC courses will provide programming, one-on-one interactions, and various co-curricular opportunities to enhance the curricular learning that occurs within the classroom.

Students enrolled in an LLC should expect to:

  • Experience a smoother academic and social transition to college
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the campus community
  • Experience enhanced interaction with faculty and staff
  • Demonstrate stronger academic achievement
  • Develop an openness to different views

LLCs located in Dowling, Brady, John Paul II, or Ireland Halls will have first-year residents living on a floor or section of a floor together. LLCs located in Murray Hall will have female and male first-year students living in the hall together. Female and male residents will live separately in rooms of two, three, or four with a full bathroom in each room.   

The following Living Learning Communities are options at St. Thomas (please click on the links for more information).  We look forward to having you participate in one of our exciting LLCs.  For more information or questions, please contact the Department of Residence Life.

Aquinas Scholars Honors Living Learning Community

Open to students who have applied and been accepted to the honors program.  Aquinas Scholars Honors Students take several courses together as a cohort.

Business for the Common Good Living Learning Community

Open to all business majors. Students will take the community service course of Business 200 while living in a community.

Catholic Studies Living Learning Community

Open to anyone who has decided to major or minor in Catholic Studies. Students will take two core courses together: one in theology and the other in philosophy.

Changemaker Living Learning Community

Open to all students interested in working on social problems. Students will take ENTR 199 (Entrepreneurial Thinking) together and engage in social entrepreneurship projects and activities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul community.

COJO MOJO Living Learning Community

Open to all majors and ideal for communication and journalism (COJO) majors.  Students will take COJO 111 together in the fall.

Global Health Living Learning Community

Open to students interested in global health, both globally and locally. Students participating in the Global Health LLC will have an opportunity to live together and take the BIOL 105 (Human Biology) laboratory together.

Healthcare Professions Living Learning Community

Open to student interested in a career in healthcare. Participating students will enroll together in the same Biology lecture and lab sections – BIOL 207 in the fall and BIOL 208 in the spring; placement in BIOL 207 will be needed to participate in this LLC.

Outdoor Explorers Living Learning Community

Open to all students interested in exploring the outdoors and finding a way to connect their classroom experience to the outdoors.  Students will take GEOL 115: Environmental Geology together in the fall and have an option to have priotity enrollment in THEO 101 in the spring.

Pathways to Engineering (P2E) Living Learning Community

Open to engineering majors and offers two paths. Students arrive three days early in the fall and begin working with faculty to prepare them for the rigors of calculus, computer science, and engineering.

Social Justice Living Learning Community

Open to students interested in engaging in social justice issues and who want to connect with an build community with other engages students. Students will have the option of taking one of three courses as part of this LLC.

Sustainability Living Learning Community

Open to all students interested in exploring issues regarding sustainability within and outside of the classroom.  Students will take environmental studies and geology in the fall and theology and English in the spring.

Tommies Do Well(ness) Living Learning Community

Open to all students interested in exploring opportunities for wellness. Through a partnership with the Health and Human Peformance (HHP) Department and the Wellness Center, students will take HHP 250 and participate in many wellness activities outside of the classroom.