Course Reserves

Course reserves are materials that instructors make available physically or electronically for a specific course.

Physical Course Reserves COVID-19 Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes which affect our physical course reserves services. The Libraries’ policy is to quarantine all materials that have been used for 72 hours, as recommended by the CDC and IMLS, who are performing studies determining how long the virus is detectable on various library materials. We will still offer a physical reserves option, but the quick turnaround of one copy for multiple users will no longer be possible, and therefore reduce the benefit of using physical course reserves.

All physical Course Reserves materials will also be quarantined after each use for 72 hours with no exceptions.

Some strategies faculty and the Libraries should use to mitigate the need for physical Course Reserves during the pandemic. For help with any of these services, find contact info for course materials staff at our different libraries.

  1. Choose an alternative reading or video from our electronic and streaming collections. Your subject liaison librarian can help.
  2. If we can buy an electronic version of the title requested, we will and will offer that instead of the physical version.
  3. For books, if only a fair use portion of the work would suffice, we will digitize that portion instead of checking out the material. This will not apply to videos or audio. Contact the Head of the Music & Media Collections for help with questions about media.
  4. If the material is in print and available for purchase, students should be encouraged to purchase their own copy.
  5. Instructor personal copies can be added as additional copies available for checkout.
  6. Our Course Materials staff are available to work with you to create a Resource List with electronic materials and make it available in your Canvas course.

Find Your Course Reserves:

Reserves Policies

  • Most materials cannot be taken out of the library.
  • Loan periods depend on the material. The loan periods are 3 hours, 3 days, and 7 days.
  • Valid school identification is required.
  • St. Thomas username & password is required to access electronic reserves.

Reserve Procedures for Faculty

To make a reserve request, you must submit a form. Access the request forms for each library and find more details at the Reserve Procedures for Faculty page.

FAQ on Reserves

When you click the link for a particular reading in your search results, a login box will appear; use your regular St. Thomas username and password (same as for email or Blackboard).   If unable to get in, first verify that your username/password are correct, then try entering UST\  before your username.

If you cannot login, please call the ITS Tech Desk at (651) 962-6230.

E-reserve items are typically Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Most computers have Acrobat pre-installed. If not, you can get a free copy from Adobe. To print the item, use the print icon button on the Acrobat toolbar, not your web browser's print button.

A few documents may be in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other formats.  In these cases, you will need to save the file to your computer and run the file in the appropriate program. Microsoft provides free viewers if you don't happen to have one of these programs.

The download time of an article depends on the file size, your Internet connection speed, and your computer. If you are using a modem and phone line, it will take more time than if you are using a cable modem or DSL connection.  You may want to consider printing these and other course materials on campus.

In rare cases, library patrons accessing the Internet behind their company's firewall may not be able to access e-reserve items, due to that company's network security policy. DSL and cable modem users may experience the same problem in rare cases.  Contact your network administrator for help.

Occasionally the Safari browser will prevent an E-reserve file from loading. Try turning off the browser's pop-up blocker by selecting the Safari link, then unchecking the "Block Pop-Up Windows" option.