Meet Jim Nikolai, M.A. in Public Policy and Leadership, Assistant VP of Government Relations at U.S. Bank

Sappah, Barbara

Meet Barbara Sappah, Ed.D. in Organization Development, Improvement Advisor, Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska

"I reached out to a couple of schools, and St. Thomas was the only school I received a return phone call from a professor, rather than a recruiter. I knew this school cared about its education and its students. The travel commitment is reasonable, with a commitment of approximately 7 times a year; most of which are weekends. Additionally, the cohort model what exactly what I was looking for in a program. With 14 students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, we have built trusting relationships that I am sure will endure over time"

- Meet Barbara Sappah - Center List Item

Meet Mona Dohman, M.A. in Public Safety and Law Enforcement Leadership, Minnesota State Commissioner of Public Safety

Fursman, Irina

Meet Irina Fursman, Ed.D. in Organization Development, VP of Training and Development, Brineyer Fursman, LLC

"I was intrigued by the approach to encouraging and enabling active practitioners and change agents to think critically. As I was discovering my leadership spirit, I came to a conclusion that an open mind, free of assumptions and biased thinking, is the best way to learn with people who are truly on the path of learning and developing together.  I learned to rely on and appreciate the wisdom of the group, and the energy and the dynamics of the whole. Reflecting back on my earlier projects, I am recognizing the personal growth that occurred and the image shift that happened within my own understanding of the core functions and values of being a change agent. Those values are profound respect, active listening and inclusive participation. I am looking forward to building my skills, developing techniques and acquiring knowledge to continue on the path of skillful approach in advancing the common good."

- Meet Irina Fursman - Center List Item

Meet Thomas Smith, M.A. in Public Safety and Law Enforcement Leadership, St. Paul Chief of Police