Reports and Articles on Women in Higher Education

Articles on work-family issues by Teresa Rothausen-Vange, Professor of Management in the Opus College of Business at St. Thomas and Susan E. Heckler Endowed Chair in Business Administration.  She is also the recipient of the John Ireland Award for Outstanding Achievement as Teacher-Scholar, awarded in 2011 by the Office of Academic Affairs.

‎"Job Satisfaction and the Parent Worker: The Role of Flexibility and Rewards" in Journal of Vocational Behavior, 1994. Read it ‎‎here.‎

"Family-Friendly Backlash--Fact or Fiction? The Case of Organizations' On-Site Child Care Centers" in Personnel Psychology, 1998. Read it here.

"'Family' in Organizational Research: A Review and Comparison of Definitions and Measures" in Journal of Organizational Behavior, 1999. Read it here.

"Research Productivity, Gender, Family, and Tenure in Organization Science Careers" in Sex Roles, 2005. Read it here.

"Management Work Family Research and Work Family Fit: Implications for Building Family Capital in Family Business" in Family Business Review, 2009. Read it here.

"Unpacking Work-Family: Core Overarching But Underidentified Issues" in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2011. Read it here.