Faculty Fellowship 

The Center for Women welcomes applications for the Faculty Fellowship, which supports projects that concern women, gender, and/or sexuality. The fellowship supports research, service projects, creative work, and/or professional development related to social justice and/ or gender equity. We welcome proposals from all departments and programs. Please note that all faculty members—adjunct, tenured, tenure-track—are welcome to apply.  

A $4,000 stipend will be awarded to the fellow to support work on the project. 

Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria: 

  • the degree to which the project is focused on gender, women, and/or sexuality; 
  • the originality and significance of the proposal; 
  • the applicant’s familiarity with and use of appropriate methodologies; 
  • the clarity of the project’s objectives and plan of action; 
  • the overall academic strengths of the applicant and their potential for completing the project, 
  • the reasonableness of the project timeline, including IRB approval where applicable, 
  • and the support of the faculty sponsor. 

The grants committee will give preference to applicants who have not before received support from the LDCW; similarly, the committee will take into consideration the applicant’s support from other university grant programs. 

Please note: The fellow must credit the Luann Dummer Center for Women in all research papers, publications, or other outcomes of the research. The fellow must submit a formal report and present their work to the Luann Dummer Center for Women community with a live presentation, filmed talk, detailed infographic/poster, social media campaign, or a written reflection for our magazine Many Voices.  

To Apply: 

The entire application, including cover sheet, proposal, and transcript (in that order), must be submitted as one PDF to centerforwomen@stthomas.eduno later than 5:00 pm on Friday, March 15, 2024. Members of the center’s Advisory Board will then review applications and notify applicants of their decision. Applications must include:

1. A cover sheet with the following information: 

  • name, major, ID number, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address; 
  • the project’s title and an abstract (fewer than 100 words); 
  • the faculty sponsor's name, department, and e-mail address. 

2. A detailed proposal, single-spaced, no more than three pages, which includes: 

  • a discussion of the project’s goals and significance; 
  • an overview of relevant scholarship/literature, including citations; 
  • a description of the project’s activities and methods; 
  • a detailed timetable for the project with weekly objectives and activities; 
  • a detailed budget; 
  • a description of the applicant’s relevant background and/or preparation for this project; 
  • and a discussion of how the project fits into your professional development. 

3. A letter of support from a supervisor or colleague familiar with the project and/or the applicant’s professional goals.