August Book Club | My Year of Meats

Written by Ruth Ozeki (1998)

Date & Time:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


LDCW (OEC 103)

Japanese-American documentary filmmaker Jane Takagi-Little suddenly receives a job producing My American Wife!, a Japanese cooking show sponsored by BEEF-EX, a Texas-based meat industry lobby organization intent on selling American beef to Japanese housewives. Jane journeys with her television crew into the nation’s heartlands in search of America’s most winning wives and their most mouth-watering recipes for meats. On the road, she falls in love and makes some heartbreaking discoveries about love, meat, honor, and DES, a hormone once used to promote growth in cows and to prevent miscarriages in women, which has irrevocably altered Jane’s future. Meanwhile, an ocean away, Akiko Ueno watches My American Wife! and dutifully cooks dishes like Coca Cola Roast and Beef Fudge for her husband, Joichi Ueno (BEEFEX’s Tokyo PR rep), rating each show in Authenticity, Wholesomeness, and Deliciousness of Meat.

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