Networked printers are available on all levels of the library. Students are given a $40 printing allowance per semester (400 pages at 10 cents per print). Printing over the $40 allowance is charged to your student account. 

Scanning and Copying 

There are three networked Multi-function Devices (for photocopying, printing and scanning) in the library. They are located on the lower level near the microform room, the second floor near the reference stacks, and the third floor near the elevator. You can use the MFD as a networked printer, charge copies to your student account, or scan documents to a flash drive. The MFDs on the lower level and the second floor also accept coins and $1 or $5 bills. Additionally, you can swipe your card to access the printer for copying and scanning, chargining your student acccount. 

Installing a Printer on Your Laptop  

Instructions on how to install printers can be found at the IRT website (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Instructions are provided for Windows 7 and Mac: 

 Please note that using a personal computer to print from a UST printer will result in charges to your printing allotment. 

To check your printing activity, log into the St. Thomas Portal and click "current printing activities" under the "Applications" menu.

 Computer Questions 

For other cumputing questions, please contact IRT Client Services by phone 651-962-6230, by email or walk up to the Scholars tech desk. Brandon Rosco, Department Technology Consultant ( is also available for computing and printing issues.