Research Help 

We hold research sessions for RAs during the Fall semester and at the beginning of the summer. During these sessions we cover topics such as: 

  • conducting scholarly research for your professors
  • locating relevant materials for specialized areas such as legislative histories and international law
  • obtaining materials located on and off campus
  • citing various sources
  • using citation management tools
  • making your Google searches more effective 

We email RAs about the research sessions and also post notices in the Docket. 

Each professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law has an assigned librarian (faculty library liaison) who conducts research on projects, helps to ILL materials, provides training sessions for seminars, etc. Your professor's library liaison can help you with your research assignments, provide one-on-one specialized training, and answer any questions that arise during your research. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help!

 Checking Out Materials for Your Professor 

A law faculty member may authorize his or her research assistant(s) to check out library materials on the faculty member's library record. 

To do so, the faculty member must complete and print an authorization form. A separate authorization form must be completed for each RA. Authorization will last up to one year, at which time it may be renewed by completing a new authorization for. It is only valid for the Law Library. 

Faculty members, not assistants, will be held responsible for materials borrowed by authorized person(s) on the faculty member's library record. 

Research Assistant Authorization Form (PDF)