Part-Time Program

When taken part time, the J.D. will take four years to complete, unless you choose to accelerate the time with a heavier course load. When necessary, students may take five years to complete their J.D., but only after meeting with the Associate Dean. In no case may a student take longer than seven years.

Yes, part-time students are considered for scholarship aid. Any scholarship awarded to you would cover a percentage of your tuition for the total credits needed (88 credits) so long as you continue to make progress toward your degree.

You are eligible for federal loans for any semester in which you enroll for six or more credit hours (or three or more in a summer term). Please contact Chad Nosbusch for more information on financial aid.

Students taking fewer than 12 credit hours in a semester are considered “part time.” In no circumstance may a student take fewer than 8 credit hours during either semester in their first year. Most part-time students will finish their J.D. in four years, though in rare cases some will complete the degree over the course of five years. Based on 88 total required credit hours, you should plan to average 22 credit hours per year if you intend to complete in four years.

Possibly, though this would be difficult due to ABA requirements and the rules of other academic programs. If this is something you're interested in learning more about, please contact a member of our admissions staff.

Yes. You have access to our full range of course offerings. 

Yes. You have the flexibility to move between full- and part-time status throughout the program. 

Yes. As a part-time student, you will be able to participate in our #1 ranked Mentor Externship Program, with academic requirements in your first year and your final two years.

Yes. Please see the degree map on the part-time J.D. page for more detailed information. 

Yes. As a part-time law student, you will have equal access to our diverse clinical offerings. The point at which you are eligible to apply for clinic will vary depending on your course load.

Yes. As a part-time law student, you will be eligible to apply for the University of St. Thomas Law Journal. The point at which you are eligible to apply for journal will vary depending on your course load.

Yes. You have full access to all of our student support and student life offerings.

No. You will take classes at your own pace, resulting in a lesser load of the courses available to our full-time students. Because St. Thomas Law is a close-knit community, you will see familiar faces in the classroom and will get to know your peers very well. 

Yes! Our students have studied in several countries including: Chile, Germany, France, England, India, Netherlands, Greece, China, Argentina, Ireland, Mexico, Malta, Hungary, South Africa and Italy. Click here to learn more.

Because St. Thomas is primarily a full-time, day program our first-year classes are offered during the day. We do not offer first-year evening or weekend classes. First-year classes generally begin at 9 a.m. and end around 3 p.m. It is possible, in some circumstances, for classes to be limited to only four days a week, or only in the mornings. After the first year, classes are offered at varying times--late afternoons, evenings, early mornings, etc.