Admitted Students

Do I register myself for classes?

For your first year of law school, we will register you for your classes. Your class schedule will be based on what section you are assigned to.

When will I find out what my class schedule is?

You will be mailed your schedule in late July with your orientation packet.

What is the 1st year curriculum?

For full-time students, the first-year curriculum is:

1st Semester - 16 Credits
Civil Procedure
Lawyering Skills I
Foundations of Justice (introductory week)

2nd Semester - 15 Credits
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Lawyering Skills II
Foundations of Justice

Can I study abroad?

Yes! Our students have studied in several countries including: Chile, Germany, France, England, India, Netherlands, Greece, China, Argentina, Ireland, Mexico, Malta, Hungary, South Africa and Italy. Click here to learn more. 

What clinics are offered?

We currently have 10 legal clinics. They are a part of the Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services (IPC), in which faculty and students from law, social work, and psychology work together to help their clients.

More information about the clinics and the IPC can be found in the clinics section of our website.