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Oseid, Julie
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1000 LaSalle Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Office Location: MSL 313

J.D., University of Minnesota Law School

B.A., University of Minnesota, Duluth

Professor Julie Oseid teaches Lawyering Skills I, Lawyering Skills II, and (In)Famous Trials. She has been teaching at the University of St. Thomas since 2004. She is also a faculty member at The National Judicial College. She is currently writing a book based on her series of articles about eloquent American Presidents: Abraham Lincoln (brevity), Thomas Jefferson (metaphor), James Madison (rigor), Ulysses Grant (clarity), and Teddy Roosevelt (zeal). She received the 2007 Warren E. Burger Prize awarded by the American Inns of Court Foundation for her essay entitled “When Big Brother is Watching [Out for] You: Mentoring Lawyers, Choosing a Mentor, and Sharing Ten Virtues from My Mentor.” She received the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2009 and the Mission Award for Excellence in Professional Preparation in 2010. Oseid was named the Faculty Woman of the Year by the Women’s Law Student Association in 2007, 2010, and 2012.

Oseid received her J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School, magna cum laude, Order of the Coif, in 1986. Oseid clerked for Judge John T. Noonan, Jr. at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, CA. In law school, she clerked for the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, Minneapolis, in the Criminal Division. She was an associate in the Business Litigation department of Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly for five years. Between 1991 and 2004 Oseid was at home raising her three children. Her husband Jeff is a pediatrician.

Professor Oseid is on sabbatical until fall 2015. 

Courses Taught

Number Title Credits
620 Lawyering Skills I 3
625 Lawyering Skills II 2
699 Intro to Legal Reasoning 4
841 Infamous Trials 2
950 Supervised Resrch & Writing .5

From the article "Grand Ideas: Faculty members describe the best ideas from their scholarship" St. Thomas Lawyer Magazine Fall 2011

I’m breaking the rules because I am most attached to one article, but my best idea was something completely different. My favorite article is the one I wrote about the importance of mentoring and the 10 lessons I learned from my mentor. Steve Easton, dean at the University of Wyoming Law School, is my mentor and my fabulous brother. This article was a tribute to him. It gave me a chance to tell him how much he has meant to me and share his good advice. My best idea was to write a series of articles about eloquent American presidents who can continue to inspire persuasive writers because they used one writing quality effectively. I have completed three articles: Abraham Lincoln (brevity), Thomas Jefferson (metaphor), and James Madison (co-authored with Tom Berg and student Joey Orrino) (rigor).

Upcoming: I will write about Ulysses Grant and Theodore Roosevelt to complete my series on eloquent American presidents. 

Contributions and mentions in the media

Illusion Theater - "Naked Darrow" post-show discussion

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The National Judicial College - "Advanced Skills for Appellate Judges"

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Business Wire - "Professor Julie A. Oseid to Receive American Inns of Court’s Warren E. Burger Prize"

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Short Pieces

Julie A. Oseid, The Power of Brevity: Adopt Abraham Lincoln’s Habits, 2 St. Thomas Lawyer 22 (2009).

Julie A. Oseid, Feed Forward: Prior Students Serve as Ghost Mentors to Current Students, 22.1 The Second Draft 7 (2007).

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