Paul Floyd portrait

Paul Floyd

Adjunct Faculty; Attorney at Wallen-Friedman & Floyd PA
J.D., William Mitchel College of Law
B.A., Judson College

Spring 2020 Courses

Spring 2020 Courses
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LAWS 831 - 01 Health Law I - T - R - - - 0855 - 1020 MSL 446

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- T - R - - -

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0855 - 1020


MSL 446

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23113 (View in ClassFinder)

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3 Credit Hours


Paul M. Floyd

Health Law I is designed to introduce students to basic principles of health care law. The class will discuss legal principles surrounding the professional-patient relationship informed consent; liability of health care professionals; liability of health care institutions; quality control regulation of physicians and health care institutions; access to health care; the privacy rights of patients and the ability of government to regulate patient health care choices. The goals of the course are for students to understand the role of the legal system in health policy and health care delivery; the application of basic tort, contract and corporate law principles in the health care environment; and to gain a practical understanding of the interaction between the health system and the legal system.

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Summer 2020 Courses
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