Academic Calendar


Summer 2018
First Class Day May 29 (Tues)
July 4 Holiday NO CLASSES July 4 (Wed) and July 5 (Thurs)
Last Class Day July 16 (Mon)
Final Exams July 18 (Wed) and July 19 (Thurs)


Fall 2018

J.D. Orientation
Academic Success
Foundations of Justice

August 20 (Mon) through August 24 (Fri)
August 21 (Tues) through August 24 (Fri)
August 20 (Mon) through August 24 (Fri)

LL.M./M.S.L. Orientation August 20 (Mon) through August 24 (Fri)
Clinic Orientation August 23 (Thurs) and August 24 (Fri)
August Intensives August 20 (Mon) through August 24 (Fri)
First Class Day August 27 (Mon)
Labor Day NO CLASSES September 3 (Mon)
Fall Break NO CLASSES October 18 (Thurs) and October 19 (Fri)
Thanksgiving Week

November 19 (Mon) follow Mon schedule (Labor Day make-up)
November 20 (Tues) follow Thurs schedule (fall break make-up)
November 21 (Wed) follow Fri schedule (fall break make-up)
NO CLASSES November 22 and 23 (Thurs and Fri)

Last Class Day November 30 (Fri)
Reading Period December 1 (Sat) through December 4 (Tues)
Exams December 5 (Wed) through December 18 (Tues)
Winter Break NO CLASSES December 19 (Wed) through January 6 (Sun)


Spring 2019
J-Term Intensives January 7 (Mon) through January 18 (Fri)
1L First Week January 14 (Mon) through January 18 (Fri)
Clinic Orientation January 17 (Thurs) and January 18 (Fri)
First Class Day January 22 (Tue)
Spring Break NO CLASSES March 11 (Mon) through March 15 (Fri)
Easter Break NO CLASSES April 19 (Fri) through April 22 (Mon)
Last Class Days April 29 (Mon) follow Mon schedule (MLK Day make-up)
April 30 (Tues) follow Mon schedule (Easter Monday make-up)
May 1 (Wed) follow Fri schedule (Good Friday make-up)
Reading Period May 2 (Thurs) through May 5 (Sun)
Exams May 6 (Mon) through May 17 (Fri)
Commencement May 18 (Sat)