Embryo Disposition Disputes: Past and Future

Featuring Professor Ben Carpenter.

Date & Time:

Thursday, September 29, 2022
12:30 PM - 1:25 PM


MSL 244

Few issues in a divorce may be as emotionally charged, or have such long-term consequences, as disputes over the control of embryos a couple had created and cryopreserved during their marriage. Most men in this scenario, still able to have children naturally, have sought to prevent their ex-wives from having a child they no longer desire. For many women, though, the embryos reflect their best, and perhaps only, opportunity to have a child. The interests could not be more polar, yet there can be no middle ground—one party’s interests must yield to the other.  To date, courts have overwhelmingly privileged men’s interests in avoiding the purely cognitive burdens of genetic parenthood, even when freed from any responsibilities of legal parenthood, above women’s interests and investments in experiencing genetic, gestational, and legal parenthood. This presentation by Professor Benjamin Carpenter will review these decisions, challenge courts’ and scholars’ prior arguments, and propose a more nuanced balancing of men's and women's interests in future cases.

Hosted by the Murphy Institute.  Registration is requested and lunch will be provided.  1.0 CLE credit has been applied for.

Registration link: https://link.stthomas.edu/embryo

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