War and the Contemporary World

Journal of Law & Public Policy Spring Virtual Symposium.

Date & Time:

Friday, April 1, 2022
8:15 AM - 3:00 PM




The contemporary world has become an arena for emerging new types of international conflict. The Conference on War and the Contemporary World is intended to explore the range of international conflicts and warfare. The symposium will consist of three panels. The panels will focus on economic warfare, the geopolitics of war, and the new paradigm of warfare, such as cyberwarfare and the militarization of outer space. The keynote speaker is Dr. Aurel Sari. Dr. Sari will address the relationship between war and law from the vantage point of the contemporary geopolitical and strategic environment.

The Conference on War and Contemporary World will provide an important discussion of emerging trends in warfare. This discussion is especially timely as we have seen Russia in recent days using a spectrum of weapons – military, cyber, and informational – in its invasion of Ukraine.

2022 JLPP Spring Symposium Program

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