2014 Mentor Appreciation

The University of St. Thomas School of Law Mentor Externship Program holds a reception honoring the legal professionals who serve as mentors to our students.  Each year, more than 500 attorney mentors put in an average of 6,000 hours and have 3,000 experiences with UST Law students, engaging every student in one to one mentoring relationships.  For the 2013-2014 academic year we recognize the lawyers and judges who have welcomed our students into the legal community.‌

2013-14 Mentor Appreciation Insert

Jabari Barner '14

Mentor Jabari Barner"Through the mentor program I have learned a great deal about how my passions and strengths, such as building rapport with people, fit into the practice of law. My first year with Referee Street in the Ramsey County Family Court taught me the value of empathy and patience in law and how they can be effective in solving problems and finding sustainable solutions for all parties involved. My second and third years with my mentor, Bryan Feldhaus, shareholder at Lommen Abdo, taught me how those same skills transfer into the world of civil litigation. I have also seen in my third year, with my mentors William Bulmer, II of the Law Offices of William Bulmer, and Judge Barnette of Hennepin County District Court, how those strengths fit into and interact with criminal law. I have had the opportunity to practice empathy and patience with clients, as well as develop significant relationships with attorneys, judges, and court personnel through my clerkship in the Office of the First District Public Defender."

Melissa Martinez '14

Mentor Melissa Martinez"I have been intentional about developing relationships with those who I interact with on a regular basis, such as the lawyers, judges, and others in Anoka County. I’ve also expanded my relationships in the community through my involvement in events for the Minnesota Justice Foundation and other public-interest organizations, the Black Law Student Association and various multi-cultural bar associations, and with the public defense bar.  I have expanded my network by participating in events with my mentor, as well as participating in court proceedings at the Public Defender’s office."

Alyssa Schaller '14

Mentor Alyssa Schaller"I have established relationships with many judges and lawyers thanks to introductions from my mentor, Assistant Hennepin County Attorney James Keeler. Beside him, I have learned about Hennepin County’s adult criminal division, the juvenile division and the civil division, and have had an opportunity to see and meet those who work in these areas. These relationships have grown through my work at the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office, where I represent clients before the court and work with public defenders and private attorneys, and even train new police recruits about testifying in court.

The relationships I have built with attorneys oftentimes leads to invitations to attend interesting trials or hearings they have going on that may interest me. I take full advantage of those opportunities! I also have a mentor through Minnesota Women Lawyers who has helped me expand my network in various ways, including volunteer work for the Hennepin County Diversity Committee and planning a Diversity Symposium for law firms."