Public Interest Careers

Defining Public Interest Practice

Serving the public is an outstanding way to integrate the mission of UST School of Law into your legal career.  There are many options for the public interest lawyer, including direct legal services, law reform/policy organizations, nonprofit organizations, government offices (both civil and criminal), and international public service organizations.     

Building a Public Interest Career

Most successful public interest careers begin during law school. Check out the number of ways UST School of Law offers to get you started on your path to public service: CPD programming, classes, clinic, legal volunteer opportunities, student organizations, clerkships & summer funding, and post-graduate fellowships.  When it comes time to search for a job in public interest, with the government or an international organization, access job search databases here.

Financing a Public Interest Career

While public interest lawyers make less than their colleagues in the private sector, they have very challenging and fulfilling careers and still live comfortably.  Here, we have provided you with some information about starting salaries, loan repayment assistance, and post graduate fellowships to help you finance the job of your dreams!