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Career and Professional Development Job Tools Portal

The CPD Job Tools Portal is a website designed to show you what tools are available for you as a student or alumni at UST Law. Please contact CPD at if you have any questions.

Personalized Career Planning and Strategy with CPD

We Help University of St. Thomas School of Law Graduates Get Jobs They Love – let us help you! As a graduate of UST Law, you can use CPD as a resource for the rest of your career. In fact, we will have appointments available after regular business hours in case you can’t make it in during the day. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with CPD, please contact: or 651-962-4860.

Symplicity Job Postings

Every day CPD adds job postings to our Symplicity system. Sometimes on behalf of an employer, while other times they are jobs that we found by searching various job databanks. Follow this link to access Symplicity Job Postings, or login to Symplicity , mouseover the “Job Postings” tab and click on “UST Law Job Postings”.

Symplicity Law Job Web

Symplicity now offers a new job opening service called the Law Job Web. The Law Job Web is a listing of national legal job postings. To access the Symplicity Law Job Web, login to Symplicity, mouseover the “Job Postings” tab and select “Law Job Web”. You can also follow this link to get to the Law Job Web.

Once you are in the Law Job Web you can search for jobs by keyword, zip code, city and state or just state.

Symplicity Job Postings Hints and Tricks (Click to expand)

Are there too many job postings listed that aren’t applicable to you?

  • You can narrow your search by clicking on the Advanced Search tab.
  • Narrow your search to your class level by clicking on it in the “Class Level” menu
  • Looking for full-time legal employment after graduation? Select “Full-Time Permanent (Post-Graduate)” in the “Position Type” menu.
  • Only interested in specific practice areas? You can narrow the job openings by practice area by choosing your areas of interest in the “Position Practice Area(s)” menu.
    • You can select multiple practice areas by holding down your CTRL key and clicking on the practice area.

Do you search for same options every time you use the Advanced Search?

  • You can save your Advanced Searches by clicking the box to the left of “save as:” and typing a name in the box to the right. Next time you login to Symplicity you just need to select this search from the “Search Agent” dropdown menu at the top of the Advanced Search page.

Do you want to receive job postings sent to your email box?

  • After you have saved an Advanced Search, you can use that Advanced Search to set up a Search Agent.
    • Click on Search Agents in the Job Posting section.
    • Select the Advanced Search that you want to use to set up the email.
    • Click Schedule and then click the Yes radio button next to Enabled.
    • Select how often you would like to receive emails and click submit.

Do you need to find an old Symplicity job application?

  • You can click on the “Applications” tab in the Job Postings section and it will show you all the jobs you have applied to through Symplicity

Alumni Job Boards

We have three job posting boards that update as new jobs are added that allow you to check for new jobs without having to login to Symplicity. If you want more information about a position, click on the name of the job and it will take you to the Symplicity login screen. Once you enter your login information, it will take you directly to the job posting. At the top left of each job board are some arrows. You can use these to navigate to the next page of the job board.

Post-Graduate Jobs:

New Graduate Jobs:

Judicial Clerkships:

If there is a job board you would like to see listed here, email Dan at and he will set it up.

Find Immediate Contract, Temporary and Project Based Work (Click to expand for more information)

Keep your resume fresh and build experience by picking up contract, temp, or project-based work. There are many different agencies in the area that have been working to help recent grads find the right fit right now.

Beacon Hill Staffing

Kelly Law Registry

Robert Half Legal

Special Counsel

Talon Performance Group

The Mergis Group

Have a job? Tell us more

If you have found a job (whether legal or not), please log in to Symplicity and update your employment information. If you are already logged into Symplicity just go to the homepage, and click on “Graduate Employment Survey” under the Shortcuts list on the right hand side of the screen. As you know, we must report this information on all members of your class in March. So, the sooner you fill out this survey, the sooner we will stop emailing you asking you to do it.

The University of St. Thomas School of Law Office of Career and Professional Development's mission is:

To provide our students and alumni with whatever career and professional development resources they need to achieve success in a career they find meaningful.