Job Interview Follow Up

Even after the interview is over, you are not finished.  You still have an number of opportunities to impress the employer and learn from the experience.


  • Immediately after your interview, you should make notes on your impressions and the people with whom you spoke so that you can properly evaluate the employer and how it might fit into your career plans.
  • View this interview a learning experience.  Consider the questions you stumbled on or the ones that surprised you and how you might respond differently in your next interview.
  • Don’t dwell too much on the interview!  There are other employers to pursue and other interviews to think about.

Thank You Notes

  • You should follow up on every interview with a thank you notes as soon as possible - within 24 hours is ideal, within the week is mandatory.
  • Address your note to the interviewer, ensuring that his or her name is spelled correctly.  Be sure to ask for the interviewer’s business card before you leave.  If you have any questions, call the interviewer’s assistant to confirm names and spellings.
  • If you met with more than one person, make an effort to send a note to each of them.  Alternatively, if you met with a number of people over the course of the day, you may write to the individual who coordinated your visit and request that he or she extend your appreciation to the others with whom you met.
  • The thank you note should be short, never more than one page.  Many prefer a handwritten note, though emails and typewritten letters have become more common.
  • Try to incorporate something from the interview that you found interesting or had in common with the interviewer.  You may also use this opportunity to briefly emphasize something that was not discussed or clarify something you said.
  • Include an address and phone number where you can be reached.

Additional Follow-Up

  • It is completely acceptable to inquire about the status of your candidacy if you have not heard anything at the end of two weeks (or whatever time period the employer gave you).
    This is a way to demonstrate your continued interest and obtain the information you need.
  • If the interviewer lets you know in advance that it will be quite a while before you hear anything, follow up every month or two.  Send a card or letter reminding the interviewer of your continued interest in the position.