Tomeshia Beckett

Tomeshia Beckett '19 LL.M.

Degree: LL.M. in Organizational Ethics and Compliance, Class of 2019

Current Position: Chief Compliance Officer, Millennium Physicians

What does a typical day look like for you?
I am responsible for establishing standards and implementing procedures to ensure the compliance programs throughout the organization are effective and efficient in identifying, preventing, detecting, and correcting noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations, while at the same time preventing fines and violations. I report directly to the president, and I inform the board about important issues and material violations.

There is not a typical day in my role because every day is a challenge. Often, my day consists of informing third-parties of potential non-compliance; providing a corrective action plan; informing the board of potential risks for the company to prevent fines, suits or violations; training; advising on issues employees and the board bring to my attention; assessing compliance with contracts during mergers/acquisitions; performing audits; ensuring all expansions are compliant; continuous monitoring; assessing gaps; providing corrective actions plans; responding to legal compliance complaints; and providing recommendations is something that is typical on top of whatever could come to my desk.

What’s the most meaningful experience you’ve had in your career so far?
Being able to assist the leadership team with their strategic plans and expansions in a compliant way.  With new companies, partners, mergers and expansions you must ensure laws and regulations are followed. Overall, being able to see the company expand in a compliant way is rewarding.

What motivated you to pursue a degree in Organizational Ethics & Compliance?
I wanted to pursue an LL.M. in Organizational Ethics & Compliance to become a chief compliance officer and a member of a board of directors. By obtaining my LL.M., I was able to become a c-suite executive at 33 years old because I obtained knowledge from the program that set me apart from others, which allowed me to be promoted fast. In addition, I am currently on the board of directors for one company and one non-profit.

Which of the competencies you gained at St. Thomas have been most important in your current position?  
Time management, detail oriented, analytical thinking, problem solving and negotiations. While completing the LL.M. program, I was working full-time and a full-time mother. I learned how to utilize my time well, which is ultimately important in your career, especially in the role I hold because you face new challenges and tasks daily. You never know what you will have to solve or address.

What was your favorite OEC class? Most practical class?
I really do not have a favorite class because I enjoyed every course; however, the most practical information I received in the program has been how to conduct proper internal investigations and how to adhere to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations as it relates to creating a robust and effective compliance program.

How has your OEC degree distinguished you from others you work with?
It has distinguished me from others because when I collaborate with third parties to solve problems, I am usually the only chief compliance officer with an LL.M. focused on ethics and compliance. Being that my LL.M. offers a unique focus, I can offer more insight and knowledge about a topic when we are solving an issue.