Degree: J.D. with a compliance concentration, Class of 2017

Current position: Senior Compliance Analyst at Prime Therapeutics

Describe your job responsibilities.
I coordinate cross-functional reviews of guidance (both legislative and regulatory) that may impact Prime's business. I monitor the implementation of any guidance that requires changes to our operations. I also help bridge the gap between compliance and the business areas and I share our findings and status updates with our external partners.
What do you find most fulfilling about your job?
That I get to help build partnerships, whether that's between compliance and the business, or between Prime and our clients.
What motivated you to pursue a degree in Organizational Ethics & Compliance (OEC)?
I was very interested in seeing what all of the different types of legal options there were outside of the traditional courtroom role. After taking my first class I knew this was the route for me.
What skills do you feel are most important for someone in your position?
Communication, 100%. My St. Thomas externships, clinics, and practical classes helped me to be able to communicate with people of all roles and levels, and well as with clients or whomever it is the job serves.
How have you given back to the St. Thomas community since graduating?
I am currently a member of the alumni programming and social committee, as well as the annual giving committee. I also jump on any chance to meet with current or future law students that reach out for insight into what St. Thomas has to offer and how it got me to where I am today.
Did you have any concerns or hesitations prior to starting the program? Once you began taking classes did those concerns still exist?
Any hesitations revolved around compliance still being a new field of interest and also something considered a "non-traditional" legal career. Those concerns dissolved immediately upon hearing from panel upon panel of professionals (composed of many St. Thomas grads) who are thriving in the compliance world.