Joshua Welle

Joshua Welle '18 MSL

Degree: Master of Studies in Law, Class of 2018

Current position: Senior Internal Auditor at Sezzle

Describe your job responsibilities.
My job is to create an internal audit department for a startup I was hired at in 2021. I will perform risk assessments of business functions, process improvement audits, and coordinate Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance activities.

Working for a startup/newer company, I really get to make a difference. I have exposure to all levels of the company and get to be heard.

What motivated you to pursue a degree in Organizational Ethics & Compliance?
I liked the idea of having a legal background to go with my accounting and finance background. I have always had a fascination for law and all things legal, but I knew that law school was never for me, so I found an alternative.

Which of the competencies you gained at St. Thomas have been most important in your current position?
I greatly enjoyed adding the project management tools to my skills. Those are priceless pieces to have in a toolbox. Since my profession deals with a lot of risk and controls, adding the risk certificate was great as well.

What was your favorite or most practical Organizational Ethics & Compliance class?
I really enjoyed the risk classes (Social Risk & Responsibility). Much of the work I do in my job is to mitigate risk, so these classes helped better understand risk from all levels and all geographies. Peter Young is a great professor and great resource. He knows his stuff!

How has your degree distinguished you from others you work with?
The degree has shown the people I work with my dedication to learning. I believe that people who are done wanting to learn new things are those stuck in career purgatory. If you give up on learning, you essentially give up on bettering yourself and your career. I love to learn about new things—new guidance, new regulations. It helps me keep a leg up on my promotional competition.

Did you have any concerns or hesitations prior to starting the program?  Once you began taking classes, did those concerns still exist?
It’s a big investment in a program like this and I had my reservations about it at first. Once I got into the program, however, I realized that a lot of the content within the program related to what I was currently doing in my work. I knew it was going to give me a more well-rounded view of business practices, which is why I pursued the degree.