Jessica Tjornehoj Drewiske

Degree: J.D./MBA with a compliance concentration, Class of 2015

Current position: Assistant Vice President & Manager, Global Ethics Strategy & Framework at U.S. Bank

Describe your job responsibilities.
In my role, I create programs and partnerships to embed and promote ethical culture across the bank. My day consists of meetings with ethics office team members on topics like ethics ambassadors, code of ethics, or code of ethics training, as well as other meetings on working group topics such as cultural recognition and ethical culture measurement that involve collaborating cross-functionally.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job?
The curiosity that I get to live out and the ability to bring new ideas to life in partnership with the team.

Describe a meaningful experience you’ve had in your career.
I helped create an HR partnership at Medtronic for “How” and “What” goal-setting that resulted in every single employee setting an ethics goal for the year. That was one really impactful way that I have brought a focus on ethics to life in a large organization.

What motivated you to pursue a degree in Organizational Ethics & Compliance (OEC)?
I knew I wanted to work at the intersection of business and law. OEC was the perfect way to jump right into a large organization to do work in the broader legal department that was directly supportive of the business. The degree helped me to get there right after graduation.

How have you given back to the St. Thomas community since graduating?
I serve as a mentor in the St. Thomas Law Mentor Externship program, network with students interested in OEC, speak at various classes and open houses each year and this past year Colleen Dorsey and I created and led the online course, “The Effective Ethics & Compliance Professional” – all of which are so rewarding!

Has your St. Thomas OEC degree distinguished you from others in your industry?
Having the OEC specialization on my resume and to have taken those courses really gave me a different level of insight and preparedness coming into the profession. I have had senior leaders reference the OEC degree to lend me credibility as we enter interactions with executive leaders that someone at my level would not normally be invited to. The professional network I was able to start building while in school is powerful as well, and has stayed with me.