Jerry Enright

Jerry Enright '18 J.D., '20 LL.M.

Degrees: J.D. with a compliance concentration, Class of 2018; LL.M. in Organizational Ethics and Compliance, Class of 2020

Current Position: Senior Compliance and Contracts Analyst, Colder Products Company (CPC)

What does a typical day look like for you?
Since I am new to my role, my responsibilities revolve mostly around the review, redlining and negotiating of various types of legal agreements on behalf of CPC. When appropriate, I am brought in to assist with compliance issues presented to the CPC compliance team. These issues have ranged from trade compliance, anti-corruption, as well as other in-house situations that need the attention of the compliance team.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job?
I find it very fulfilling that I get to be on the first line of defense for my company. In my eyes, compliance acts as a gate keeper for all things coming in and going out. We have the responsibility to identify and remediate anything that could cause a problem down the road. I take a lot of pride in preventing future issues on behalf of CPC.

Which of the competencies you gained at St. Thomas have been most important in your current position?  
The competencies that have been most important in my role have been interpersonal communication skills, emotional intelligence and conflict management.

How do you engage with other St. Thomas alums? What has been the value of the Tommie network?
The Tommie network has been incredibly valuable so far in my career. Every position that I have had the opportunity to work in has come from a connection and recommendation of someone in my Tommie network. The Tommie network wants to see each other succeed, and I have experienced individuals going above and beyond to make sure that I have the best chance possible to do that. This speaks to the network as a whole and to the character of the people within the network.

What was your favorite Organizational Ethics & Compliance (OEC) class? Most practical class?
Favorite – Storytelling: Influencing Organizational Decisions. In my experience, compliance isn’t always everyone’s favorite department at their respective companies due to our function, and they don’t always love the tasks that are assigned by compliance (i.e. compliance trainings, being a gatekeep for the sales team). This class gave me the knowledge and training needed to communicate and convince others within my company to not only participate, but truly be collaborative in the process.

Practical – Compliance Programming. This class gave me the knowledge of the framework of a compliance program and helped to prepare me to identify gaps and how to improve what we have in place. Being a new employee that can add value on day one goes a long way.

How has your OEC degree distinguished you from others in your industry?
My OEC degree has given me a leg up and distinguished me from other candidates in the application process by rounding out my resume and filling the gaps where I lack experience. The OEC degree was a focal point in my interviews and something my current employer saw a lot of value in when hiring me for my current position.