Information for Employers

Welcome! St. Thomas Law has smart, impact-ready graduates and students ready to join your team. Our students and graduates (your future employees) have:

  • Practical legal skills and knowledge, and a strong ethical and moral foundation
  • Skills that employers want--self-directedness, teamwork and collaboration, leadership, strong research and writing, communication, practical training, client centric, service oriented, cultural awareness, purpose driven, and attentiveness to inclusion
  • A commitment to pro bono work and service to their community

The Office of Career and Professional Development is excited to work with you through the hiring process.  We offer a comprehensive list of services and our staff members are eager to provide you and your organization with individualized assistance to:

  • Help build a job profile of your ideal St. Thomas Law candidate
  • Recruit top talent for your position
  • Schedule virtual and on- or off-campus interviews
  • Collect and organize application materials
  • Candidate reference connection


You can post a job for University of St. Thomas School of Law students and alumni for free by completing the form at, or by creating a profile on our Symplicity site at

Contact Dan Winterlin at or 651-962-4995 with any job posting related questions. 

The University of St. Thomas School of Law Office of Career & Professional Development hosts local firms, public interest agencies, and government offices each fall for on-campus interviews. If you are interested in participating in on-campus interviews contact Dan Winterlin at or log in to Symplicity to register for an on-campus interview date. The University of St. Thomas School of Law Office of Career welcomes any size and type of employer to interview on-campus throughout the school year. We are happy to host on-campus interviews for 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, and recent graduates. 

The Office of Career and Professional Development helps bridge students' legal training and their eventual legal practice. To facilitate this goal, we like to connect students and employers as early as possible in both formal and informal ways.

Panels and Forums

The CPD Office hosts a large number of career-related events throughout the academic year.

For many of these events we rely on practitioners like you, who are able to give students current, first-hand information about their area of expertise. Last year's event topics included Alternative Careers, In-house Counsel, Careers in Real Estate, Policy & Political Careers, Solo Practice, and Women in the Law.

If you have an interest in sharing your experience with genuinely curious law students, please contact the CPD staff at 651-962-4860 or at

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are an effective tool to help students be at their best when they arrive at a live interview. Local attorneys have been generous in helping with us with this process, and students regularly comment on how helpful it is to practice with someone from the "real world." Our heaviest demand for mock interviews is during our On-Campus Interview season. However, there are occasional needs throughout the year. If you are interested in being a mock interviewer for St. Thomas Law students, contact the CPD staff at 651-962-4860 or at

Mentor Externship Program

In each year of law study, every student is paired with a respected lawyer or judge in the community. Mentors introduce students to a wide range of lawyering tasks and judicial activities and share with them the traditions, ideals, and skills necessary for a successful career. Lawyers and judges who have exemplified the highest standards of professionalism are invited to participate as mentors.  If you are interested in learning more about the Mentor Externship Program, please contact Judith Rush, Co-director of the Mentor Program at 651-962-4898 or at

Community Service

Does your firm or office have an upcoming community service event that needs extra hands? 

We can spread the word to our students to help you fill out your crew. The informal setting of a service project will allow you to get acquainted with our students and discuss career issues in a personal and informal environment. St. Thomas Law also sponsors many community service events in which you would be welcome to participate. To find out more or to let us know about one of your events, contact the CPD staff at 651-962-4860 or at

University of St. Thomas School of Law – Recruitment Policies

The University of St. Thomas School of Law is dedicated to supporting the employment efforts of each student and graduate, and seeks to ensure the highest standards of professionalism, fairness, transparency, and nondiscrimination for all students and employers utilizing the services of the University of St. Thomas School of Law’s Office of Career and Professional Development.  The University of St. Thomas School of Law’s Recruitment Policies, set forth below, are in place to ensure that students receive fair treatment from employers and that the law school, students, and employers act in good faith during the recruiting and hiring process. All students and employers shall adhere to these Recruitment Policies.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The University of St. Thomas School of Law is governed by the nondiscrimination policy of its parent university.  The University of St. Thomas (UST) is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and equal educational opportunity.  UST does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, family status, disability, age, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, membership or activity in a local commission, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.  The University’s policy of nondiscrimination extends to all aspects of its operations, including but not limited to, employment, educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and all other educational programs and activities. 

The University of St. Thomas School of Law complies with this nondiscrimination statement in all of its own activities, and it requires that employers to whom it furnishes assistance of any kind comply with this nondiscrimination statement.        

1L Recruitment

The first semester of law school is critical to providing students with a strong academic foundation. Therefore, first-year students shall not submit applications to prospective employers and prospective employers shall not solicit or consider applications from first-year students before November 1. 

Exception: Federal entities that require candidates to undergo extended background checks (commonly entities involved in national security) and need to conduct summer hiring prior to November 1 to accommodate their unique hiring procedures, may solicit, receive, and review applications prior to November 1.

On-Campus Interviewing

The University of St. Thomas School of Law encourages employers to participate in our On-Campus Interviewing Program (OCI), which starts in July and continues through September, or as scheduled outside of that timeframe with the Career and Professional Development Office. (OCI details available online at

To ensure a fair and efficient recruitment and hiring process for all students and employers participating in OCI, employers shall not conduct initial or callback interviews of rising second-year students prior to the employer’s OCI interview dates.  Employers may, however, interview rising second-year students prior to OCI as part of an organized job fair.

Offers and Decisions During OCI

The University of St. Thomas School of Law recognizes the need to balance the business needs of employers with the educational and professional development needs of our students. Employers should refrain from any activity that may adversely affect the ability of students to make an independent and thoughtful decision. Employers should not offer special inducements to persuade students to accept offers of employment earlier than is prescribed.

Offers should be made in writing with all material terms and conditions of employment clearly expressed.

Students should immediately withdraw their application from consideration and/or decline any offers if they have no expectation or intention of accepting an offer of employment.  Once students accept an offer of employment, they must withdraw from consideration from any other employer.

The University of St. Thomas School of Law also wants to ensure that the employment relationships that develop from our programs and services result in productive professional relationships. Affording students a reasonable period of time for reviewing, considering, and responding to offers is an important part of promoting successful recruiting.  The University of St. Thomas School of Law expects employers to afford students at least 14 days to consider and respond to an offer of employment that results from an interview that took place as a part of OCI.  This timeline applies regardless of whether the students has been previously employed by the employer.