Chris Clark - Research Assistant

"Working as a research assistant is greatly helpful for your legal skills in exactly the manner in which the name states: research. Professors tend to write interesting (and sometimes provocative) material. So you not only have a multitude of interesting projects on which to research and write, but you also get to know a professor in a unique way. The relationship you develop with your professor is important for future reference letters, no doubt. But you also to get to view, from the inside, the ways in which really good writers go about their tasks. It’s all around a very meaningful experience."

-Chris Clark, Class of 2016

Adam Brown - Law Clerk

"Working as a law clerk at a mid-sized civil law firm during my second and third year of law school provided a great deal of practical experience. I gained a real-world frame of reference for my law school classes, my legal research and writing skills were pushed to new levels, and I had the opportunity to bill time, interact with clients, manage files, and learn the business side of being an attorney. Working as a law clerk reaffirmed my decision to attend law school. I was fortunate enough to work alongside great attorneys, I learned how to provide quality client service, and I gained the confidence to start thinking of myself as an attorney and a member of the profession."

-Adam Brown, Class of 2006

Experience Testimonial-

Assad Amini - Minnesota Justice Foundation Volunteer

Volunteering with MJF is a great way to gain legal experience. I have volunteered with MJF in many different positions and each position has given me valuable and practical legal experience. You can choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities in different areas of practice, and the time commitment can be anywhere from a one day clinic to ongoing positions which provides a great deal of flexibility to busy law students. My most recent placement through MJF was with the Street Law Program, an ongoing position through my 2L Spring semester, where I volunteered as a teacher at the Juvenile Detention Center with two classmates/friends. We were responsible for teaching the students any area(s) of law we wanted to since we were in charge of creating our own syllabi, and lesson plans every week. I gained more experience researching the law, and learned how to internalize and explain difficult legal concepts and rules, in plain English, to the students. (Not legal advice) It's a good skill for every lawyer, law student, and legal writer to be able to communicate to clients effectively and clearly the relevant issues and laws. This is only one of the valuable legal experiences I have gained through volunteering with MJF. I look forward to volunteering with MJF in my 3L year and in the future as an attorney.

-Assad Amini, Class of 2016

Aleesa Jansick - Minnesota Justice Foundation Volunteer

My time as an MJF volunteer gave me invaluable legal experience in a way that would be nearly impossible to replicate in a different setting. Through my service, I learned how to interact meaningfully with clients, directly apply theoretical doctrine taught in classrooms to real life scenarios and became more culturally competent working with diverse populations. Because I was working with a non-profit, I was given a chance to work on projects of significance quickly by virtue of my time being so deeply needed as well as appreciated. Best of all, skills acquired through community service gave me first hand knowledge of the immeasurable impact the lawyer has on society and why St. Thomas’s mission to think critically and act morally to serve the common good is so essential to the future of the legal profession.

-Aleesa Jansick, Class of 2016