Class of 2019 - 84% Gold Standard Employment Rate

Employment Summary Reports

The University of St. Thomas School of Law Office of Career & Professional Development conducts an annual employment survey of recent graduates. The 84% employment rate for the class of 2019 counts only “gold standard” positions that are full-time, long-term and either require a law license or where having a J.D. provides a significant advantage to performing or obtaining the role. Some law schools include other professional or non-professional jobs, as well as short-term, part-time, and delayed-start positions in their employment rate. We do not include such positions in our employment rate because we believe our students enter law school with the intent of pursuing full-time gold standard positions.

Information from the annual survey is used to report to various agencies, including the American Bar Association (ABA), National Association of Legal Career Professionals (NALP), and the U.S. News & World Report (USNWR).

Three years of both ABA and NALP employment summary reports are included on this page. These reports are generated by the ABA and by NALP based on confidential and anonymous employment information collected by the Office of Career & Professional Development. Any identifying information (i.e., employment data with small sample sizes) is removed from the NALP employment summary reports.