Faculty Liaison Program

To make it easy for you to receive the services you need or want, the library has given you a library liaison who can serve as a first point of contact for library services. Your liaison will keep you up to date on any new services or resources that may be useful to you. You are encouraged to share your research interests with your liaison so that our current awareness and research assistance can be tailored to meet your needs.

Your liaison will contact you are least once prior to each semester to offer assistance with course preparation or research to support your scholarship.

Below are examples of the types of services your library liaison provides:

  • answer research requests
  • conduct research on specific projects
  • provide Blackboard (course management) support
  • research speakers for conferences
  • create bibliographies and displays for conferences 
  • provide technology support
  • set up alert services 
  • help with citation management and citation tracking
  • teach research refreshers for your upper-level classes and seminars 
  • provide other needed services
  • develop exercises/problems for a class
  • create course research guides and tutorials
  • detect plagiarism
  • order complimentary copies of textbooks
  • index your books 
  • offer training sessions to your RAs

Contact a librarian for more information.