Course Support

Blackboard (Course Management) Support

Your liaison can assist you in developing your Blackboard (TWEN, Moodle, or other course management tool) course site. If you allow us to be added to your course as a teaching assistant, we can help build content for your class. We can post links that will allow your students to easily access library databases, research guides, articles you want your students to read, and useful tutorials. Please contact your liaison if you would like assistance in building your course site.

Research Class Sessions

The librarians are available to visit your class (especially those with a research component) and provide research instruction on general and subject-specific legal research strategies and resources. We can also work with you to develop research assignments. Please contact your liaison to arrange a research class session. This is a good session to include in your syllabus if you have to be away at a conference and prefer not to cancel or hold a makeup class.

Exercise/Problem Development & Updating

Librarians can help develop exercises, problems, and assignments for your courses. We can check existing problems to make sure they still work and update them for you with current research.

Course Research Guides

Librarians can develop research guides on a wide variety of legal and multi-disciplinary topics, focusing on the print and electronic sources available to your students. We can tailor a guide to a specific course or provide a general subject pathfinder. The guides can be posted on your Blackboard site and/or posted on the library website. Here are some examples of research guides that have already been developed and are currently available:

  • International Law Research
  • Environmental Law Research
  • Employment Law Research
  • Choosing a Research Topic
  • Bar Examination Preparation (including sources that have sample bar exam questions)
  • Bill Tracking
  • YOUR TOPIC (contact your liaison)


Librarians can develop web-based tutorials that demonstrate research resources and techniques. We can also identify existing tutorials that would be helpful for your students (or your own professional development). The tutorial can be loaded or linked to your Blackboard site. Tutorials can be used to train students in the use of a particular database, how to find statutes using Westlaw or LexisNexis (instead of purchasing a statutory supplement), or how to navigate a particular website.

Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

Our subscription to the CALI library includes over 600 lessons covering 32 legal education subject areas. Faculty and students can access the CALI exercises via CD-ROM (available in the library) or via the web at Please contact the library (ext. 2-4900) for a CALI authorization code. Librarians can help identify CALI lessons that would be useful to your students.

Detecting Plagiarism

Plagiarism can be intentional or due to sloppy/lazy citation practices. It is a growing problem in many academic settings. Your liaison can assist you by research any suspected plagiarism.

Review Copies of Textbooks

Many publishers offer review copies of their materials for faculty. Please contact your liaison or email or call (ext. 2-4904) Debby Hackerson if you would like to request a complimentary copy of books on your subject area.

Course Pack Alternatives

If you choose to create your own course materials from various resources, the librarians can assist you by creating links to readings and databases for your course site.  If you still use a paper course pack, you may want to consider moving to an electronic version that will save copyright permission fees and the cost to your students.  Many publishers have electronic textbook alternatives and may allow you to customize the content.  For more information, visit the St. Thomas libraries' textbook alternatives page.