Membership Information


The University of St. Thomas Law Journal is a student-managed organization that addresses contemporary legal issues through three annual publications. The Journal is committed to:

  • Encouraging legal thinking through the publication of compelling legal scholarship dedicated to the discussion of morality and social justice;
  • Developing students' legal research and writing skills in an endeavor to produce accomplished student leaders in the practice of law;
  • Broadening the legal imagination to cultivate creative solutions to real world problems with a goal towards social and legal change; and
  • Representing the University of St. Thomas in an environment of professionalism, both now and throughout our careers.

Membership Information

Law students may gain membership to the law journal through the Write-On Competition or through publication of a Note or Comment.

Write-On Competition

Law students may gain membership to the law journal through the Write-On Competition immediately following the final exam period in the spring semester of the 1L year. Competition information is unavailable at this time, but this section will be updated when the application and deadline dates are available.

Application Deadline:  TBD
Competition Deadline:  TBD

Please see below for additional information on the write-on process. You may also attend one of the Law Journal information sessions scheduled throughout the school year. Any other questions or concerns may be addressed to Membership Editor Abby Polzin at

Note and Comment Process

Law students may submit papers for publication in the journal through the notes and comments publication process. Any non-member author whose submission is selected for publication may opt to join the Journal staff. Please refer to the Submissions section for research and writing resources, submission deadlines, and other information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of St. Thomas Law Journal?

The University of St. Thomas Law Journal is a student-run organization and is the only official legal scholarship publication of UST School of Law. The Journal staff currently publishes three issues per year and presents two symposia on topics selected by Journal members.

Why do I want to be a Journal member?

Journal membership provides significant research and editing experience, which employers value. You choose symposium topics you would like the legal community to discuss and build community with other Journal members.

How can I become a Journal member?

There are two ways to become a Journal member after your first year of law school:

(1) participate in the write-on competition and receive an invitation to join the Journal or

(2) submit a note or comment that the Journal decides to publish.

Every student selected for Journal membership receives academic credit. Associate editors (generally 2Ls) receive one credit per semester; senior editors (3Ls) receive three credits per year; editorial board members (3Ls) receive four credits per year.

What is the write-on competition? When does it take place?

The write-on competition is the application process for Journal membership. All interested applicants must complete the write-on application, which consists of a closed memo and an editing exercise. Half of the invitations extended will be to those students with the highest class ranks who have put forth a good faith effort in the competition; the other half will be based solely on the quality of the application packet. The write-on competition will begin immediately following the final exams period at the end of applicants' 1L year. Students must submit their competition registration materials in paper form (confidentiality and honor code statement and GPA release form) by 4 p.m. on the application due date. Students must electronically submit their memos and editing exercises through LexisNexis Webcourses by 11:59 p.m. on the date of the competition deadline.

Students who have registered for and completed the competition at or before the respective deadlines will be notified of their application results after the registrar has calculated 1L class ranks and upon consideration by the membership committee. In the past, this has occurred in mid- to late-July.

Do I have to be in the Twin Cities to complete the write-on competition?

No. The competition materials are posted on LexisNexis Webcourses and must be accessed and submitted electronically. In special circumstances only, arrangements may be made to submit the write-on application in hard copy via US Mail.

What would my Journal duties entail?

All second-year students on staff are associate editors; their most important responsibility is ensuring the accuracy of all citations in the articles published by the Journal. Third-year students on staff are either senior editors or serve on the editorial board. They work on the substantive and technical accuracy of the articles, supervise associate editors, and manage the Journal.

What is the time commitment?

Your time commitment to the Journal will vary. Some weeks will be very busy and you may be expected to put in 15-20 hours. Other weeks, you may need to dedicate only 1-2 hours.

Can I participate in Clinic or Moot Court while working on the Journal?

Absolutely. Many students participate in Clinic or Moot Court while serving as Journal editors.

Additional questions?

E-mail us at or stop into the Journal office (MSL 225).