Mission Awards

The annual Mission Award ceremony recognizes individuals or groups of students, faculty, adjuncts, staff and alumni who have excelled in one of four categories: Living the Mission, Excellence in Professional Preparation, Scholarship Engagement and Societal Reform and Service and Community.

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Living the Mission Award

The University of St. Thomas School of Law, as a Catholic law school, is dedicated to integrating faith and reason in the search for truth through a focus on morality and social justice. One student from each class and a graduate(s) are selected to receive the “Living the Mission Award.” The award is given to the student/graduate who best exemplifies the mission by his or her activities in and/or outside the classroom. The student recipients of this honor also receive cash awards.

2003    Keshini Ratnayake
2004    Mark Haase, Susan Smith, Marianna Vielma
2005    Summra Shariff, Artika Tyner, Lael Veldhouse Robertson
2006    Andrea Pavelka, Kathy Klos, Kate Nilan
2007    Christina Davenport, Margaret Donohue, Christopher Nelson
2008    Zaylore Stout, Erbayne Jarvis, Christopher Wheaton
2009    Danny Lyskowski, Amber Barnett, Graciela Gonzalez, Loddy Tolzmann (alumni)
2010    Krista Griffith, Tim Flynn, Trusha Patel, Victoria Jacobsen Brenner/Brook Swenson (alumni)
2011    Roger Maldonado, Celestial Roman, Lucas Rezac, Brekke, Cyborne & Ribich
2012    Charlye-Nicole McMillan, Tyler Graber, Robyn Brown, Michael Kemp
2013    Nicki Limper, Alison Griffith, Elliott Robinson, Cory Wessman
2014    Michael Lawyer, Christopher Clark, Meagan Tinajero, Marie Coulter
2015    Aaron Brown, Ngeri Azuewah, Martha White-Price, Christina Botts/Carmeann Foster
2016    Daniel Dosch, Jules Porter, James Robbins, Juno Nayagam

Excellence in Professional Preparation

As a law school, we are called to prepare students to be excellent lawyers and professionals – to be servant leaders in their communities. The Mission Award for Excellence in Professional Preparation recognizes those members of the UST Law community who have done an excellent job in preparing our students to become professionals by providing instruction in or demonstrating or fostering ethical principles, character, faith-based perspective, and/or global perspective to enhance our students’ knowledge and skill in the practice of law.

2003    Elizabeth Brown, Neil Hamilton, Lizabeth McKibben, Hank Shea
2004    Lisa Brabbit, Gene Hennig, Interprofessional Center Faculty and Staff, Judge Edward Touissaint
2005    Stephanie Boucher, Bruce Grosland, Jerry Organ, Judge James Rosenbaum
2006    Ann Burns, Mary Edel-Joyce, Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition Team (Laura Cole, Jenese Dawson, Sheila Tegomoh, Artika Tyner)
2007    Crixell Shell, Brooke Swenson, Anne Towey, Jenny Weigel
2008    Kathy Bredesen, Robert Delahunty, Saran Jenkins, Ken White
2009    Dave Bateson, Nora Fitzpatrick, Sarah Sommarstrom, Peter Surdo and Tayari Garrett
2010    Chato Hazelbaker, Aaron Knoll, Joel Nichols, Julie Oseid
2011    Sarah Broughton, Deborah Hackerson
2012    Monica Anderson, Center for Girls Leadership (Kathryn Short, Alexandria Campion, Michael Biver, Katherine Wertheim, McKinzie Hopkins)
2013    Jill Akervik, Lindsey Blanchard, Susan Lang, Mary Wells
2014    Ben Carpenter, Melissa Martinez, Scott Taylor, Don Zhou
2015    Adam Brown, Stefanie Hollmichel, Nicole Fredricks Jackson, Judith Rush
2016    Astrid Idalia Lima Castillo

Scholarly Engagement and Societal Reform

As an academic institution focused on the law, morality and justice, we are called to engage the broader community on legal issues and policy topics that impact our society. The Mission Award for Scholarly Engagement and Societal Reform recognizes members of the UST Law community who integrate faith, law, ethics, public policy, and social justice into scholarly or advocacy projects which seek improvement in the law, legal institutions, or society.

2003    Tom Berg, The Forum, Chuck Reid, Celia Rumann, Corey Wessman
2004    Monica Bogucki, Tom Holloran, The Law Review Editorial Board, Larry McDonough, Salon
2005    Ed Edmonds, Immigration Law Practice Group, Pat Shrake
2006    Daryl Atkinson, Family Law Practice Group (Adam Brown, Kelli Goodwin, Jessica Monson, Artika Tyner, Jennifer Musolf), Janet Krueger and Sonja Larson
2007    Community Justice Project (Angie Hoppe, Tim Kilgriff, Joy Quimby, Brock Specht, Mike Turpin, Artika Tyner)
2008    Dan Olson, Luis Verdeja, Andy Pieper, Shawn Stuckey
2009    Chris Clark, Nicole Concordia, Nate Dahl
2010    Frank Aba-Onu, Hugo Chan, Joanna Salmen, John Sandy, Matthew Stewart
2011    Brotherhood, Inc. (Abigail Hahn, Brian Walsh, Mike Biver, Alexandra Campion, Roscoe Heaton, Billy Baker, Jason Luna, Sarah Gillaspey, Athena Hollins), Lillian Monfort, Mark Osler, Jennifer Wright
2012    Minnesota State Advisory Committee to United States Commission on Civil Rights (Marcus Jones, Roger Maldonado, Ashley Oliver, Erica Sanft, Erin Westbrook, Leah Yamada), Murphy Institute Hot Topics: Cool Talk (Seanne Harris/Elizabeth Schiltz), Thomas Mengler, Robert Vischer
2013    Campaign for Prison Phone Justice (Margaret Higgins, Dominika Malisz, Elysia Newton, Natalie Peterson, Shannon West), Christopher Motz, Greg Sisk, Susan Stabile
2014    Chris Damian, Lisa Johnson, Joseph Orrino, Minnesota Supreme Court Historical Society founding members (Jenna Bordson, Austin Bowyer, Kristin Giant, Allison Kadrmas, Steven Kool, Peter Postma, Rachelle Velgersdyk, Deborah Walker)
2015    Rachana Chhin, Richard Farris/Megan McNevin, Carlos Gustavo Martinez Garcia, Roadmap Research Assistants (Madeleine Coulter, Christopher Damian, Katherine Jirik, Peter Leslie, Patrick Lucke, Robert Maloney, Carl Numrich, Sarah Schaefer, Colin Seaborg, Bryan Wachter, Bradley Yenter)
2016    Sara Gangelhoff, Jerome Organ

Service and Community

We are called by our profession and our respective faiths to live our lives "in community," oriented towards serving the disadvantaged, underserved, and those without access to justice. Inspired by Catholic social teaching, our mission emphasizes our responsibility to pursue social justice by drawing upon our unique backgrounds and respective beliefs. The Mission Award for Service and Community recognizes members of the UST School of Law community who have shown exceptional service or leadership through living out our Mission’s commitment to improving the lives of members within our law school community and/or in our local, parish, cultural or global communities.

2003    BLSA, Dorothy Buhr, Barbara Sauer, Scott Swanson, Tracy Zill
2004    Victoria Jackson Brenner, Teresa Collett, Margaret McDonald, Maggie Skelton, The Student Ambassador Organization
2005    Michael O’Connor, Kristi Schlosser, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, Pete Willner
2006    Katherine Fries, Joe Johnson, Nekima Levy-Pounds, Teddy Michael
2007    Henry Bishop, Kelli Goodwin, Sonia Laird, Women Law Students Association
2008    Cari Haaland, Tom Mastroianni, Sara Swanson, Rebecca Vandenberg
2009    LuAnn Hudson, Ted Litzner, Kasii May, Laura Orr
2010    Valerie Aggerbeck, Grace Magill-Cuerden, Caitlin Tangen, Katrina Viegas, Peter Williams
2011    Steve Astrup and Jacob Saufley, Sue McGuigan, Virgil Wiebe
2012    Ann Bateson, Erik Beitzel, Bethia Hyatt, Amanda Mortwedt
2013    Angela Dzik, Faculty Crisis Team (Tom Berg, Wulf Kaal, Rob Kahn, Diane Edelman), Kerri Kovalesky, St. Thomas More Chapel Choir
2014    Madeleine Coulter, Alex Migambi, Susan Shogren Smith and Jeffrey Smith, Playmakers Minnesota founders (Erik Beitzel, Kellen Fish, Hank Long, Charlye McMillan)
2015    Nerea Carmona Bravo, Teri Guhl, Eugene Kelly, Colin Laffey
2016    Saarah Berenjian, Teresa Collett, Ashley Oliver

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching

2006    Mitchell Gordon, Robert Kressel
2007    Rob Vischer, Pam Alexander
2008    Nekima Levy-Pounds, Steven Tourek
2009    Julie Oseid, Ann Alton
2010    Bruce Grosland, Jerry Organ, Artika Tyner
2011    Neil Hamilton, Al Coleman, Scott Swanson
2012    Ben Carpenter, Uyen Campbell, Sarah Brenes
2013    Mark Osler, Marya Robben, Matthew Shea
2014    Virgil Wiebe, Jenny Weigel
2015    Michael Paulsen, Jenny Cornell, Judge Leonard Castro
2016    Robert Kahn, Steven Adams

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Scholarship

2007    Lisa Schiltz
2008    Charles Reid
2009    Robert Vischer
2010    Greg Sisk
2011    Joel Nichols, Michael Paulsen
2012    Neil Hamilton, Verna Monson
2013    Wulf Kaal
2014    Robert Delahunty
2015    Mark Osler
2016    Thomas Berg