J.D. Graduation Requirements

First-Year Courses
LAWS 600 Civil Procedure
LAWS 605 Constitutional Law
LAWS 610 Contracts
LAWS 615 Criminal Law
LAWS 620 Lawyering Skills I
LAWS 625 Lawyering Skills II
LAWS 630 Property
LAWS 635 Torts
LAWS 640 Moral Reasoning for Lawyers: Foundations I (orientation week only)
LAWS 641* Serving Clients Well: Foundations II (mid-January)
LAWS 642 Business Basics for Lawyers: Foundations III (mid- to late spring semester)

Upper-Level Courses
LAWS 700 Business Associations
LAWS 705 Evidence
LAWS 715 Lawyering skills III (must be taken in second year)
LAWS 725 Professional Responsibility (must be taken in second year)
LAWS 930* Mentor Externship 2nd Year (2 semesters, 1.0 total credit)
LAWS 933* Mentor Externship 3rd Year (2 semesters, 1.0 total credit)

Additional Non-Course Requirements
Upper-level writing requirement: Section III-A-3 of Academic Policy Manual
Public Service Program
Mentor Externship Program

Applicable to the Class of 2011 and beyond. You must complete 88 hours to receive your J.D. See section III-A-1 of the Academic Policy Manual.

*LAWS 641, LAWS 930 and LAWS 933 provide three of the six credits needed by each student to fulfill their “experiential learning” requirement before graduation. The other 3 credits can come through a legal clinic, externship or another approved course with practical elements like negotiations, trial advocacy, etc.