Earn Your J.D. at St. Thomas

Minneapolis, Minnesota

We believe in practice with purpose

As a lawyer, you will have the power to change lives. As a St. Thomas lawyer, you will change them for the better–whether you advocate for social justice, serve in the courts or legislature, or provide counsel to corporations.

St. Thomas gives you opportunities to start making an impact from day one. You will:

  • work side-by-side with your professors and serve clients through our 13 innovative legal clinics
  • develop a relationship with a lawyer or judge who will become your professional mentor throughout law school (and you'll earn credit for it), and 
  • receive one-on-one support that will set you up for success in your career (84.2% of our 2018 graduates were employed in gold-standard jobs within 10 months of graduation).

Turns out, when bright, caring people put their energy toward advancing the common good, everyone wins.

Minneapolis isn't just a great place to be a law student; it's a place you will want to consider staying. We have the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. Minneapolis also boasts high marks for its employment opportunities and overall quality of life. 
Our location will also give you access to a vast network of judges and lawyers who practice in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs. In addition, our state and district court buildings and state capitol are just a short drive or ride on the light rail train away in St. Paul.
#1 Happiest State in the U.S.
#2 Healthiest City in America
#2 Best State to Live in
#5 Greenest State

Fall 2019 Entering Class Profile

Academics & Test Scores 

25% 3.25 151
50% 3.51 154
75% 3.69 158
Total Class Size 157
Average Age 24
Age Range 20-38
Gender Male: 41% | Female: 59%
Minority Enrollment 17%
Undergraduate Institutions 63
States Represented 20


St. Thomas Law is committed to making a high-quality legal education available to students by offering scholarships to qualified applicants. We award scholarships to students who we believe will be a great fit for our community, whether they bring a strong academic background, a unique viewpoint or a dynamic experiential voice.

At St. Thomas, you'll get to keep your scholarship as long as you remain continuously enrolled or on approved leave of absence. Our scholarships are not conditional scholarships, as defined in ABA Standard 509, Interpretation 509-4.

Your application to St. Thomas will be assessed based on six criteria. We don't charge an application fee.

  1. LSAT score
  2. Undergraduate grades
  3. Writing skills
  4. Leadership potential
  5. Motivation
  6. Demonstrated ability to contribute to St. Thomas Law's mission