Work for an intergovernmental organization; Help the oppressed: (Haiti)

Tamara Thompson.  1990 theology major, justice and peace minor.  Tammi has two children. 

While she was a student, Tammi spent almost a year in Haiti working in the slum Cite Soleil in Port Au Prince, where she learned about the interconnectedness of all people and the need to promote human rights and social justice.  

After graduation she worked in home health care.  Then she joined the St. Thomas Campus Ministry staff as Social Justice Coordinator, directing the Campus Ministry peace and justice group.  

In 1995 she began working as an electoral and human rights observer with the Organization of American States–United Nations International Civilian Mission in Haiti. This work included visiting prisoners in jail to support their human rights.

Completing that project in August 1996, she taught in the Model United Nations Program at the American School of Puebla in Puebla, Mexico. She has worked with the poor in Mexico and New York City, primarily with Haitian refugees, and as a fundraising consultant helping grass-roots non-governmental organizations raise funds to support their work.  She is also trained and licensed to give therapeutic massage, hoping to help victims of torture overcome their trauma. 

Home in Juarez, Mexico, 1988


Until recently, Tammi was Project Coordinator for NCHR (National Coalition for Haitian Rights. The only other staff person was the Executive Director, Jocelyn McCalla, so Tammi had a lot of responsibility.

Currently Tammi is Director of Marketing and Program Development, for the Albanian American Women's Association, where she works to develop AAWO's image and programs, create AAWO materials for presentation to the public, and strengthen AAWO's relationship with community members, funders and the press.

She continues her interest in Haiti, as evidenced by two recent articles she wrote for  JMC Strategieson Haitian child slavery and results of the hurricanes in Haiti.. JMC Strategies is headed by Jocelyn McCalla, the former head of NCHR where she previously worked.