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Michelin Hegland, 1996, majors in justice and peace studies and anthropology.

During her studies at St. Thomas, Michelin traveled around the world by ship on the Semester at Seaprogram, studying diverse cultures, religions, and forms of development--or lack thereof. She spent another semester with the Metro Urban Studies Term, learning about community organizing in the Twin Cities--studying "poverty, equality, and social change."

After graduation, Michelin did Union Summer in Chicago (worked with several Union campaigns), where she met John J. Sweeney--the president of the AFL-CIO, Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton. She also protested at a Klan rally. Returning to Minnesota, she worked as a community organizer for the Central City Neighborhoods Partnership in Minneapolis--now re-named Restorative Justice Community Action, Inc. (RJCA).

She worked as a staffing coordinator with Jean Thorne, Inc. and as a recruiting consultant

She then studied two years at the Alfred Adler Graduate School, earning an MA in Counseling and Psychotherapy in 2008. During those studies, she worked first as an Administrator at the Mediation Center at Hamline University School of Law, dealing with alternative dispute resolution, and then as a Mental Health Practitioner at CHOICES Psychotherapy. Michelin describes how her interests grew as follows:

I began at UST looking at justice and peace on a global level; gradually I came to be very interested in how these values are established in the individual and influence how we interact with the world. I'm excited to learn more about bringing it all together, to help people become more whole and live authentically from their values to promote peace in our daily lives.

In 2008, she founded BEvolution, LLC, where she is owner, counselor and coach. She describes her work as follows:

Creative BEvolutionist facilitating personal growth and lasting life change. I use perspective-shifting therapy interventions and action-oriented coaching techniques to help clients create positive change in their lives. . . .

"Counseling” and “therapy” denote problems, pathology, diagnoses and other things to be removed or fixed. While some of my clients may have symptoms of things like depression, anxiety, or relationship issues, I prefer to see the strengths, uniqueness, and possibilities that exist in their lives. I work with the whole person, rather than just the problem. I facilitate the evolution of being – hence, BEvolution.