Teach Catholic social justice in parishes and schools.

Michael Johnson. Major in Theology, Justice and Peace Studies minor.

While he was a student here, Michael spent a semester in Cuernevaca, Mexico on a program run through Augsburg's Center for Global Education.  After graduation, when he sought a job as a parish religious education coordinator, two parishes wanted him so much that they bid up each other's salary offers.  

Later he completed a Masters’ degree in pastoral counseling.  In December 2002, he wrote:

"I currently work at Summit Country Day School.  I am the Campus Minister and teach Senior Religion (Catholic Social Teachings).  We are working on a great program here where my class is coupled with a community service component where the students spend one class bell a week out at an agency where the justice issues we are studying are being dealt with. We then utilize what we call a "Major Study" which is modeled on the paper I did for you in your social teachings course.  The school is full of influential families and very intelligent kids who go on to be leaders–very fertile ground for justice work.  So, the beat goes on... what started at UST is affecting the fight for justice in Cincinnati!"