Promote Organic Agriculture and the Environment on a Western Ranch

Mark Waite. Fall 1993, major in Justice and Peace Studies, minor in print journalism.

While at St. Thomas, Mark traveled to Jamaica, West Indies and to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. After graduation, he began working in organic agriculture at the B Bar Ranch in the heart of Yellowstone country. He was named Ranch Manager in the summer of 2001. He wrote: 

The ranch is currently involved in some very interesting and exciting sustainable rehabilitation of range and riparian areas.  [We continue] to raise and promote our endangered livestock breeds (Suffolk Punch draft horses, Ancient White Park cattle). [and to] host numerous environmentally-based non-profit groups (national organizations such as NRDC, EarthJustice, Sierra Club, American WIldlands and local/regional groups such as Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Wilderness Watch, Craighead Environmental Research Institute, Montana Environmental Information Center) who utilize the ranch for board meetings, fundraisers, conferences etc.  Great opportunities to meet/collaborate with interesting people doing important work. . . . Hard to believe I've been here for 10 years - I feel fortunate to be able to live and work at such a unique place in a spectacular setting.

In spring 2006 he added:

In the last year I've become involved in working against the proposed delisting of the Yellowstone grizzly from the Endangered Species List (was even interviewed by ABC News last summer), and have recently begun working with a group attempting to have a 200,000+ acre area within and north of Yellowstone Park designated as a Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Area.  This would bring the land under management based on the provisions of the Wilderness Act of 1964 (i.e. No wheeled vehicles off designated routes, no new roads, a mandated Forest Service study to assess road removal/re-wilding potential, and no large-scale commercial logging).  Will be difficult/impossible to get much done with this under the current Administration, but need to begin to lay groundwork (primarily building grassroots support) for when the political atmosphere may be more amendable.