Semester-long programs in the Asia-Pacific region matched with JPST tracks



HECUA: New Zealand Culture and the Environment

Works best with:

Public Policy Analysis and Advocacy concentration

Preapproved course equivalents:

Internship requirement

Internships, Field Work, and Integration

One course from another area

Maori Perspectives, Pluralism, and National Identity

Another course from another area

Sustainability, Ecology, and New Zealand Environmental Policy

1st applied communication course

Internship may also met this requirement if well-matched, involving “hands-on” communication work.

Possible equivalents, with approval from JPST department chair:

One-to-three of the three-course requirement in the following area:

  • ·   Environmental Studies

Students with a focus on Environmental Studies may apply have 12 hours applied to some or all of the three-course requirement.




The Alliance for Global Education offers programs in India and China on global and public health, social change movements, environmental issues, development, social justice, economics, and religious studies.  Most likely apply to general JPST major or concentration in Public Policy Analysis and Advocacy.  See

Search for additional SIT Study Abroad programs focusing on social change movements, global health, development studies, multiculturalism and globalization, environmental policy, etc.: .

Or contact UST’s International Education Center ( for programs in Ireland, South Africa, Ghana, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Nicaragua.