Academic Journals

Below is a list of journals devoted to the academic study of interreligious encounter.

Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology (ISIT)

Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology (ISIT) is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for scholars to share ideas and research on a wide range of topics to do with interreligious questions and issues impacting contemporary pluralist society, and to foster a deeper understanding of theoretical and practical matters concerning interreligious relations. The journal aims at stimulating and promoting the various relevant conversations taking place in different parts of the world.

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Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

Studies in Interreligious Dialogue is an international, peer-reviewed journal. Since it was launched almost two decades ago, it has established itself as one of the top journals in this field, and is now associated with the European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies, whose members are scholars from all over the world. SID has published articles by major contributors to the area of interreligious dialogue.

- Studies in Interreligious Dialogue

Interreligious Insight: A Journal of Dialogue and Engagement

Interreligious Insight: a Journal of Dialogue and Engagement represents a new publishing endeavour at a time of profound transition in global relationships. As a shared venture between three interfaith groups, it aims to transcend narrow interests by providing a platform for reflecting with passion on many of the critical issues facing our world.

- Interreligious Insight: A Journal of Dialogue and Engagement

Journal of Ecumenical Studies

The Journal of Ecumenical Studies was founded by Arlene and Leonard Swidler in 1964 as the first peer-reviewed journal in the field of interreligious dialogue. Born out of the ecumenical spirit of Vatican II, JES began with an emphasis on dialogue among diverse Christian traditions. Its focus quickly broadened to Christian-Jewish dialogue and soon thereafter to interchange among a wide array of religious traditions. After 45 years, JES continues as the premier publisher of scholarly articles in the field of dialogue across lines of religious difference.

- Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations

Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations is the open-access electronic journal of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations and is published by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College.  The Journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarship on the history, theology, and contemporary realities of Jewish-Christian relations and reviews new materials in the field. The Journal also provides a vehicle for exchange of information, cooperation, and mutual enrichment in the field of Christian-Jewish studies and relations.

- Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations